Writing the perfect message on the card is always challenging. Since the space is limited, you want to write down the nicest words for your boyfriend that also appear genuine, from the heart and resonates with him. Here in this post, you will find plenty of birthday card messages for your boyfriend. So let’s get started.

Nothing in this world makes me happy than your gorgeous face and humorous personality. Your wit, fun and moralistic values are out of the box and I am so glad to be with you. I hope this sweet birthday card message conveys all my love and emotions for you.

No matter whether its the highs or lows of life. Every moment with you is surreal and rejuvenating. I wish our relationship forges even more deeper.

Its a special day and therefore a special celebration surely awaits us. Sending you the heartiest and warmest birthday greetings my darling. We are going to have a blast tonight.

No matter how thorny the obstacles may in our life, I will always stand by your side to propel you to success. Happy Birthday sweetheart! May you achieve all your deepest desires.

You have always been my pillar of strength, happiness and joy. You are amazingly adorable and I couldn’t thank my stars for having you in my life. A very happy birthday to you. Tonight, I will give you the best gift of your life.

My love. Always remember that you may fail at times but the divine has given you plenty of talent and ability to use in this lifetime. Your gift to him would be to use as much of that talent and ability in this lifetime. Stay happy, stay blessed dear. Happy Birthday!

Its only the blessing of the divine that we have come into each other’s life. I pray to him that we deepen our bond and that there be infinite joy and happiness around us.

It is amazing how your banters and disagreements too makes me fall in love with you deeper with each day. You are the only man who rules my mind, heart and the body and I adore you to the core. Happy Birthday to one hell of an awesome man!

We may be far away from each other but our thoughts and well wishes always traverse the space and time to sooth our hearts. I wish I was there today to give you an unbelievable time of your life. Happy Birthday!

There was a time when I lost the faith in love. But after meeting you, my faith has rejuvenated in love and humanity. I wish there be more nice people like you in the world.

You have infused in me a whole new level of altruism. Thanks for helping me to be the best version of myself. Happy Birthday to an awesome guy.

There is a saying that the Almighty bless with what we deserve. But seeing our relationship, I feel that he blesses even more than what we deserve. May the divine bless you for amazing success darling. Happy Birthday!

Your blanket of love, protection and care has brought out the best from me. Has there ever been a man like you!

When I first saw you, my heart skipped a beat. And nothing has changed since then. Your mere presence recuperates me from all the stresses of life. I wish you lots of success in all your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday dear!

No matter how bad a day I have, your touch, warm lips and hugs always wipe out stress from every cell of my being. I wish every woman has a guy like you sweet heart. Happy Birthday!

Funny messages to write on Birthday Card for Boyfriend

I am so glad that there is Lord Google who helps me in writing the best birthday card messages for my boyfriend.

Apart from father and mother, you are the only guy in this world who can afford to pull me legs and still not get a serious whack on your behind. Hehehe!! Happy birthday darling. Lots of love to you.

Your looks, charm and charisma has made your farts and burps extremely tolerable for me. Hahaha!! Happy Birthday to my hot guy!

It is evidently clear that you have done some really amazing deeds in your previous life that the Almighty rewarded you with me. Hahah! The same can be said for me too also dear. A happy birthday to my darling guy!

After so many months and days, you are now fully accustomed to my wit, sarcasm and your leg pulling. I am so proud of you dear for being fully acquainted.

I never knew that weird looking guys can be extremely gorgeous and sexy. I thank you for changing that perception of mine.

Happy birthday to one hell of an awesome man; a man who knows how to arouse the every fiber of my being, a man who strives me be better. Also sending you a nice lovey dovey birthday gift, along with an equally nice invoice too. Happy Birthday darling!

It doesn’t depend whether it is your birthday or mine, we all know for who will be shopping tonight! Hahaha!

You are the only man who could handle a perfect woman like me. Well done my darling. Heheh! Happy Birthday to you!


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