You can convey the birthday wishes via short messages also. Its a myth that you need to write many words in order to express yourself. All you need is little creativity and some humor to come up with short birthday wishes. Luckily for you, we have prepared plenty of them in this post for everyone. You can also send the images to the birthday recipient that are made of short wishes of birthday.


It is amazing to see how you have evolved over the years. May life gives you everything that you deeply desire.

May the divine propels you to immense success and wealth beyond your wildest imagination. Happy Birthday!

I admire your courage and ability to keep the pursuit on despite facing troubles.

I might not be the best friend but you are certainly the best one that one could ever have.

You are the unique creation of divine who deserves tremendous love, support and success.

We may not get what we want because something better is lined up for us.

When the going gets tough, the tough always gets going.

The past may be gone but it is your optimistic future that will give you the strength to go through the hurdles of present.

Life has never been the same (for the good) ever since you came. Hope our partnership will continue for eternity.

If I will ever have kids, I would want him or her to be altruistic like you.

We may disagree on a ton of things but our love and respect for each other will always grow.

There is certain enigma in your exuberance and I wish there be more people like you.

Motivational short birthday wishes


The most meaningful things in life are always intangible in nature like love, joy and respect.

Your aura is exuberant and full of compassion. May it always stays like this.

The joy is always in the destination and never on staying at it.

There is always the Almighty who will always catapult you out of the low phases of life. Have faith!

One good friend like you is more than enough than hundreds of acquaintances.

The things in life which don’t kill you, usually makes you stronger.

The most worthwhile things in life often come to those who persist for it.

Sprint may not lead you to success but marathon surely will.

The tunnel may be long but there is always be light at the end of it.

No day is better to be determined for future success than your own birthday.

The world would be s much sweeter, nicer and cooperative if there were more people like you in the corperate.

You may be getting older but your charm and charisma is soaring through the roof.

Funny short birthday wishes of one line


The best birthday messages are the one which are copied from Google.

Your relentless criticism and leg pulling has made stronger than ever. Thank you for your nice contribution wonderful friend!

I certainly might not be there, but don’t think you can get away without giving me a party Oh, happy birthday by the way!

Today is the only day when you will get more wishes than curses from your enemies too!

Congrats for becoming more ugly and lethargic today!

The best thing about a friend like you is willingness to day for wine and dine every time.

The pain in my legs always disappear after they come in contact with your bum.

If you ever feel like being drowned from the gifts today, feel free to share it with me.

You have done a lot for me. I hope the trend continues in the same direction.

You are a special person and therefore your birthday parties and celebrations deserves more than one day.

I am sending you a lovely birthday present as a mark of our friendship, along with the invoice too.

The best friends are the one from whom one can borrow money and not think about returning. What you think!

Wisdom not only increases but also goes in the reverse direction.

God was certainly high when he was designing you. I share no different fate too!

You are a unique person, with unique fart and unique snoring.

Today is the day when you will be looted by me for a nice wine and dine.

The best pleasure in the world is to get on your nerves to rejuvenate myself.

You are free to gorge on food like a pig today.

I admire the people you have befriended in life, like me.


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