Humor and birthday wishes can be conveyed with short sentences also. They are easy and are appropriate many times. But coming up with short funny birthday wishes is far from easy. And this is the reason for writing this post. These short funny wishes will surely invoke the laughter from the reader. We have written this post for everyone including friends, best friend, sister, brother, girlfriend and boyfriend. You will also find images.


Congrats for turning fatter and more lethargic this birthday!

My best wishes to you are copy pasted from Google, including this birthday message too 😀

When insanity needs a new level, you come to my mind.

A very happy birthday to you. The world would be so good if there are more nice people like ME! Hehe!!

I cherish your love and admire your money spending habit on me! 😀 May it continues forever!

You have set a new benchmark this year, for laziness!

I have come to know your secret of being young, i.e. by lying through the teeth! Nice, cheap and effective though!

You still have the looks of a teen ager, and the wisdom too!

Congrats for turning older! At least you are younger than your next birthday!

For best Friend — Short funny birthday wishes


When the divine wants to create weird looking and altruistic individuals, he takes you into account!! 😀

Its a day for which I always diet for a couple of days. Gonna go berserk on food tonight! Oh happy birthday btw!

Today is the only day when you will take wine and dine on yourself and am well prepared for it today!

Thanks for being my buddy, from whom I can borrow money and never think about returning, unless I get kicked behind!

The best way to rejuvenate myself is to pull your legs. Yours’s is the same method too! 😀

For friend — Funny and short happy birthday wishes

I am happy that you have turned older than me today, albeit for few months only!

The amount of candles equaling your age will not fit on the cake this time! Congrats for the birthday though!

Today is your day for the cheat meal. But don’t gorge on food like a hungry dog either!

Happy Birthday buddy! Hoping to have a blast! Where is the party tonight?

I barely remember my own birthday, let alone of other’s. You are lucky to receive one from me! Happy birthday!

For Sister — Cute, funny and short birthday wishes

You are the only one who can pull my legs and not get kicked behind! Happy Birthday to you!

I may be elder to my gorgeous sister but she is the one who taught me how to always stay young, by lying about it!

There are times when I am angry! But when I look at you during those times, I get even more angry! Happy Birthday by the way!

Happy Birthday from your sister who is gorgeous, charming, and entertaining as hell!

My relentless love pouring and leg pulling of you will always continue no matter how old, lethargic and mature you become!

Give brother funny and short wishes of birthday

You are not only my brother but my punchbag too! Happy Birthday!

I know more of your dirtiest secrets than you know mine. May it stays like this forever!

You certainly did some great deeds in past life to be my brother this lifetime. May you continue the good deeds in this life too! Hehe!

Your farts are becoming less disgusting with every passing year! Nice to see that!

Short funny happy birthday wishes for Boyfriend

Sending you the perfect gift sweetheart, along with the invoice also. Love you!

So wonderful of Facebook to remind me of your birthday! Happy Birthday!

Its a day you came out vagina, but you will go inside it tonight, only if you do the right things!

Love is always in the air, and many times, your farts too! But happy birthday to you!

I made you thick skinned with my criticism and nagging. Congrats for the improvements!

The birthday may be yours, but we know for whom we both will be shopping!

May your hugs become tighter and your snore less audible this year!

Wish Elder Sister short funny birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Elder Sister. We certainly share one similarity, and that’s the level of our wisdom!

There are two women I fear the most. One is mother, and the other is like my mother! Happy Birthday!

You not only love me like a mother but also cook me food like her! Expecting you to prepare a nice meal also tonight! Happy Birthday Elder sister!

I am not give to you give you a present as already have the best present in your life, i.e. me! By the way, a very happy birthday to you!


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