Simple Birthday wishes are easy. They convey the sentiments and can be read quickly. Short and Simple birthday wishes are in plenty in this post for everyone. We have also made Images for the simple birthday wishes. Feel free to share it with your loved ones.

The best things in life are often Simple ! And you are certainly one of them. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Happy Birthday to you! May the Almighty bless you with plenty of happiness , love and wealth!

Congrats on turning a year older. I wish you best for your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday

You are special human being! And you deserve all the success that you are seeking! A very happy birthday to you!

May the happiness of your life always extends like the colorful rainbow of the sky. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

May your life be always filled with fun, laughter and money! Happy Birthday dear!

God sent some amazing humans through co-workers sometimes. Great to see your positivity always. Happy Birthday!

For Co-workers — Simple, Professional Birthday Wishes


Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have an amazing day today with friends and family!

The sky is the limit for you! I congratulate you on turning an year older. Lots of birthday wishes from me and my family!

Your hard work and resilience uplifts the mood of everyone. May it continues forever! Happy birthday wishes from my family!

There is never a dull moment in office with your presence. Happy Birthday Sir/ Mam.

Happy Birthday to you! You are an inspiration to many. Lots of wishes and blessings to you!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Happy Birthday dear. Keep moving and success will be yours!

Happy Birthday Sir/ Mam. Learnt many things from you, and will keep learning too. My best wishes!

Your persistence to success is really admirable. I am sure you will go a long way! Happy Birthday!

May you keep climbing the ladders of success. Great to have you in the team. A very happy birthday!

Never expected to have an amazing time at work,but your arrival has changed all! A very happy Birthday mate!

Its a real joy to share the same office cubicle with you. You are wonderful colleague! Happy Birthday!

For Best Friend — Simple and Short Birthday wishes

May we always be friends for eternity! So amazing to have you in my life! Happy Birthday buddy!

The secret to keeping yourself happy is to spend time with me as often as you can. Hehe! Many many birthday wishes to you friend!

You are never too late to chase your dreams. Happy birthday my good old best friend.

Being happy has got nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with my presence in your life. Hehe! Happy Birthday to an amazing guy!

With age, come wisdom too! We are ageing like fine wine my dear friend. Many many returns of the day to you!

Happy Birthday best buddy! Time flies by when we are together! God bless you!

Enjoy the birthday like never before. You deserve it after a hard working year. Happy Birthday dear friend!

You are the best soother to my miserable life. Hehe! A very happy birthday to you!

Our friendship is one in a million! May every friendship be like ours. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being through the thick and thin always! Happy Birthday! Lots of wishes

May you party hard tonight, with me of course! Happy birthday best friend!

Our camaraderie and adventure trips has yet to witness the best. Happy Birthday my best friend!

Female Friend — Simple, funny birthday wishes

I wish for your health, happiness and success. Happy Birthday to an amazing girl!

May this year solidify our friendship even more! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to a lovely girl!. May your beauty and charm soar through the roof every year.

Nobody equals to partner in crime like you. Happy Birthday my lovely girl. You are awesome!

The best way to get over a man, is to get under another. Hahaha! Kidding lovely! Happy Birthday by the way!

Your fun and laughter is absolutely crazy. Thank you being there all the times. Happy Birthday! Journey will continue!

We had some crazy times. And there are plenty of them remaining in the kitty of life. Happy Birthday my girl!

You are not too old. You are ageing only from outside. Haha! Happy Birthday!

Age is just a number, even if its a big one! Happy Birthday dear!

Age is never a matter for us girls. Because we will always lie about it. Isn’t it dear? Well, happy Birthday sweety!


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