Make your husband feel special with our special birthday wishes for husband. Written from the heart and aimed to make him special on this important day, we have covered every aspect of your husband that you can praise him on this birthday. There are also images too. Do share them.


You are the special person sent to me by the divine. Everything about us is special and surreal. I wish we always be husband and wife together in the next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday to my special husband.

Life has given me more than I could have asked for. And you are the perfect gift to me from the Almighty. May all our dreams come true. Lots of hugs and kisses my dear husband!

My darling husband! You are not only a great husband, but an exceptional father, son and brother too. You are the perfect role model for young men in this era.

You may appear calm, and unemotional from the outer but I know that your heart cherishes me with every second. Lots of love darling.

While we may tussle on banters and disagreements, nothing is more important to me than the happiness and smile of my husband!

It is a surreal feeling to see both of us getting wrinkles, grey hairs and other signs. But life has only gotten better with every passing year and I have my husband to thank for it.

If I have to write all the superlative qualities of my husband, it would certainly become a heavy book like Harry Potter.

If I have learnt how to make a comeback after the failure, it is due to my husband’s support.

Just like the first time, my heart still skips a beat every time my eyes are locked with yours. You still make me blush like a little girl. Happy birthday to my damn special husband.

Every night is a special night for me as my body yearns for your touch, your kisses and your hugs. No place like it for a sweet cozy sleep.

I may not be the perfect wife for you but you are absolutely the best husband for me. Love you sweet heart!

With every passing day, my heart yearns more for your love, for your touch and your kisses. You are amazing and special from both inside and out. Happy Birthday my special husband.

My life has got illuminated by your charm and charisma and I couldn’t have asked for any man other than you. Lots of birthday wishes to my handsome husband.

Whether its the highs or lows of life, every moment with you feels tranquil. I am sure there are more moments in our kitty of life.

It is amazing how you never stop to amaze me with your surprises. You are a man that every good woman deserves. I wish you longevity and exuberance for life.

No day with my special husband is the same. I am grateful to the life that the Almighty has bestowed upon both of us.

While the world usually connotes the success of man to his wife, it is my special husband who has been the pillar of my exceptional achievement. I wish there be more men in this world like my husband.

You are the special man. Happy Birthday Husband

I certainly must have done some great deeds in previous life to have got such a wonderful, supportive husband. May you achieve all the success in your personal and professional endeavors.

We may not be rich presently by materialistic means, but our heart is always filled with love, peace and tranquility and my husband has a big part to play in it.

No matter how bad a day I have, the mere hug and sweet kisses of you are enough to catapult me into heavenly pleasure and tranquility. Happy birthday sweet heart!

You are the Mr. perfect and flawless who every woman wants in her life. I wish you all the love and luck on your birthday!

If there is a thing called unconditional love, I have learnt that from my wonderful husband! Thank you husband for making me feel special like your queen.

While every woman dreams of a perfect married life, very few are able to see it in real. I am one of those few lucky ones, owing to my special husband.

My faith and belief in love was restored after I met my special man. I wish I could have got him earlier. Happy Birthday darling!

You are the perfect epitome of a man who is sensitive, smart, damn handsome, sexy, caring and what not. I love you with every fiber of my being. Happy Birthday darling.

No matter how much monetary success I achieve, tying the knot with you will always the special accomplishment of my life. May you live for thousands of years. Happy birthday!

Dear Husband! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I know you will catapult ourselves from every obstacle of life along with my support of course.

It is amazing how my special husband can always anticipate my desires and wanting. I wish I could also do the same from him.


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