They say that gratitude is the best emotion for good health. Gratitude also displays the humble character of an individual. And nothing can be more humbler than to send thank you quotes for birthday to the friends, family and other people who wished on your birthday. If you are searching for the best thank you quotes for birthday, then you will plenty of them here in this post. We have also created some grateful images which will convey your thank you to them.

Your words for my birthday wishes may be few only, but they conveyed a lot!

I can totally sense that you were thinking about me way before the birthday came. And I can totally feel the effort in jotting down those lovely birthday message for me. Thanks a lot dear!

You made my day with those awesome birthday wishes. Highly appreciate! Thank you:)

Some of the best things in life are the birthday wishes from people who you love and admire.

Some of the birthday wishes from others may have been flattery but I can count on your birthday wishes to be sincere because you are pure from the heart! Lots of thanks for the birthday wishes.

Sincere thank you Quotes for Birthday

I sensed the overwhelming love and passion which you bestowed upon me through those lovely birthday wishes. Thank you dear for that!

I wasn’t expecting those lovely birthday wishes but you remembered it and wished me. Thank you for those awesome wishes.

We may have disagreed on many things, but your birthday wishes has proved the love, respect and admiration for me which I have for you too. Thank you dear for those amazing wishes.

Some words will never be forgotten. Those birthday wishes certainly made me felt a lot special than I actually am. Thank you for doing so!

Some of the best words for me which my eyes have read were your birthday wishes. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Funny quotes of thank you for Birthday

Thank you everyone for bombarding my phone with your copy pasted birthday wishes from Google. Appreciate the hard work!

Its amazing to see many birthday wishes and blessings. Thank you all. Now since I have done my job to thank you all for the wishes, I will actually start reading the messages.

To the ones who wished me birthday despite not wanting to, don’t expect similar gesture from me when your birthday comes. Haha!

Lol! You may have wished me for the birthday but your happiness lies in seeing me turning old. I can totally sense that.

I should thank Facebook first before thanking you guys for the birthday wishes. After all, you got the notification from there only. Lol!

Thank you guys and gals for impressing me with your English vocabulary, which certainly needs a lot of improvement. But I appreciate the effort though!

I am glad to have such awesome people around me. Its always nice to receive free gifts from people like you on my birthday. Hehe! May you show the same love on other days too!

I thank everyone who wished me on time. The ones who did belated wishes, they will be dealt in a similar manner!

You guys are so mean. Wanted to wish me just to get a birthday party! Haha! So thank you for the birthday wishes but no party soon. Haha!

For all of you who are happy in seeing me turning old, your birthday is not too far away. Thanks anyways for the birthday wishes.

To all those who looted me on the pretext of birthday party, be careful when your birthday comes. Lol! Appreciate the birthday wishes though!

If I do not post the thank you to all status, many of you will even take back your birthday wishes for me. Lol!

Professional reply quotes of Thank you for the birthday

When the environment is lively, fun and productive, one is bound to excel. I thank all my colleagues, juniors and seniors for making me feel amazing.

Its inspiring to receive a birthday wish from a man of your stature! Thank you Sir for those lovely wishes. You certainly made my day.

While it is easy to write down a one line happy birthday message, I absolutely feel grateful that you guys and gals spared a few moments to write me down such a nice birthday message.

We may have different opinions on many things but we certainly have a lot of respect and love for each other. May there be more colleagues like you in this world. I thank you all for wishing such nice birthday messages.

Dear Mam! You never leave any opportunity to praise us. Your birthday wishes were nice and inspiring. A mighty thank you for those awesome wishes.

I may be far away from my family and friends, but you guys didn’t let me feel the absence of them with those lovely birthday wishes. Thank you everyone.

Its amazing how you guys came up with the nice idea of birthday celebration and wishes. I thank everyone for that.


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