While your birthday wishers may not admit it, they do expect thanks wishes from your end. However, coming up with a heart touching thanking everyone for birthday wishes can be time consuming. So we have prepared a ton of them in this post along with the images. Feel free to send them for thanking everyone for birthday wishes.


Hey guys! It has been a surreal feeling to be drowned in your love and sincerity of amazing birthday wishes for me. I thank everyone everyone from the bottom of my heart for it. Love you everyone!

Hey! A very much thanks to everyone for your special birthday wishes. They are mighty powerful, invigorating and certainly brought a smile to my face. Thanks again!

Aww! You people are so special dear! Your birthday wishes made me sentimental. Your love and respect for me was quite evident from those birthday wishes for me. Thanks a ton dear for those wonderful wishes.

If words could bring tears to the eyes, then it has to be your emotional birthday wishes for me! You were spot on and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than you. Your wishes made me day. Thank you so much dear!

There is no need for a picture instead of the words, when the words itself are enough to convey the sincerest feelings and blessings. I feel privileged for hearing such kinds wishes for my birthday and cannot thank you more for them. Thank you everyone! Lots of love!

Is it a co-incidence that the best birthday wishes are always from you people? May be because our hearts sync with each other and our thought wavelengths matches each other’s. Thanks for those lovely wishes. I can’t wait for your guy’s birthday to come up.

I pray to the Almighty that my birthday comes daily. Not because I want gifts and to be center of attention but because I admire your heartfelt birthday wishes. I could sense that you wrote them from the bottom of your heart. And I thank you deeply for that. God bless you!

Your birthday wishes were the perfect blend of compassion, serenity and warmth. I wish everyone get birthday wishes like the one you sent to me. Mighty thanks for those awesome birthday wishes.

Sometimes its the occasion like that of birthday which makes us realize the gratefulness of our friends. Your birthday wishes certainly did that to me. Thank you my dear buddy for jotting one of the finest birthday wishes.

Lots of Funny thanking everyone for birthday wishes

You were just impressing me with that vocabulary of yours on the pretext of that birthday wish. I can sniff such things from a mile. Hehe! Kidding! A great thank you for those birthday wishes.

I swear to God that I had to read your birthday wishes at least a dozen times in order to comprehend the deep meaning behind it. Hehe! Thanks a ton for that ! But I wish you write a less complicated one for people like us who have less grey matter!

Apart from the few birthday wishes, I know every other was copied from the google. Isn’t it people? Can’t even originate a nice sincere thoughtful birthday wishes for me. But thanks anyways for those birthday wishes everyone.

I know the sentiment behind all these lovely cute birthday wishes for me. You guys are simply waiting for me to dine and wine tonight, which will not happen! hehehe!! Kidding guys. Party is surely on tonight!

You all may have given me the nicest birthday wishes but I still haven’t forgotten my leg pulling from some of the members. And I will strike at the right moment, if you know what I mean. Kidding guys. Thank you everyone for those lovely birthday wishes.

Professional thanking everyone for birthday wishes

There are many things which I will forever be grateful about you guys and gals! One of them will be your delightful and heartwarming birthday wishes for me. Thank you everyone

You people made me so much special than I actually am. And this shows how much you value and cherish each other. Its my pleasure to be able to work with you guys and girls. Thanks a ton from the bottom of my heart to everyone!

So guys not only wished me, but also enlivened the cells of my being with the birthday gifts. I hope I could hug everyone of you. Thanks a lot to everyone for everything.

Its only a luck that only a few people get to work with so much supportive, courageous and fun loving crew. I am amazed by the love that you poured onto me with those awesome birthday wishes. I can’t thank you enough for those. May god bless everyone.

They say that success comes to those who work hard! But I would say success comes to those who have supportive hands behind them. And you guys surely have played a big role for my professional success. I can’t thank you enough for those lovely birthday wishes.

While I usually not enjoy getting bombarded by messages, but today is a different scenario. I could sense all your love traversing through the space and time and soothing my heart. My sincerest thanks to everyone for curating a lovely birthday wish to me.


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